The Tao of a Vicarious Journey

Thailand – Beaches, food, tuk tuks and much more!

Thailand is the only country in south-east Asia to have escaped colonial rule. Buddhist religion, the monarchy and the military have helped to shape its society and politics.

We discovered the country some years ago thanks to our very dear friend from London – the great Ryan, who had lived there with his family for many years. Ryan even managed to have two baby elephants in the pristine beaches of the south, named after Valen and Carlos some time ago.

This time, we visited both the frantic Bangkok where Valen lost another tooth, we almost melted re-visiting the most dramatic temples and managed to get ‘a night out’ and visit one of the famous Bangkok open bars on top of 60 story skyscrapers.

multi IMG_8467 buddha BKK Bangkok1

In addition, thanks to our dear friend, the indomitable Paul, the last of the pure blood adventurers, we enjoyed some of the most pristine and amazing beaches in the Gulf of Thailand, exploring lagoons, beaches and an incredible landscape littered by limestone rocks, worth inspiring Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Beach movie.

IMG_8346 IMG_8375 IMG_8249 IMG_8242

“There are one hundred glow-stars on my bedroom ceiling. (…) Glow-stars are strange. They make the ceiling disappear.”
Alex Garland, The Beach

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